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Amateka ya Kobe Bryant uherutse guhagarika gukina Basketball   

  Yanditswe na Dusingizimana Remy
 16 April


Nyuma y’aho umukinnyi w’igihangange mu mukino wa Basketball, Kobe Bryant, ahagaritse burundu gukina uyu mukino nk’uwabigize umwuga, Imvaho Nshya yifuje kubagezaho amateka ye.

Kobe Bryant yavukiye muri Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’ Amerika taliki ya 23 Nyakanga 1978 avukira mu mujyi wa Philadelphia muri Leta ya Pennsylvania. Se umubyara yitwa Joe Bryant nawe akaba yari ikirangirire muri Basketball kuko yabaye umukinnyi ndetse n’umutoza.

Kobe yize amashuri yisumbuye muri Lower Merion High School muri Pennsylvania aho yakuye amahirwe yo gutoranywa kwinjira mu makipe y’ababigize umwuga ibyo bita “Drafts” atoranyijwe ku mwanya wa 13 n’ikipe ya Charlotte Hornets mu mu 1996.

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Kobe Bryant ubwo yasezeraga abakunzi ba Los Angeles Lakers n’aba Basketball muri rusange nk’usezeye gukina uyu mukino

Nyuma yo gutoranya Kobe, ikipe ya Los Angeles Lakers yaje kuganira na Charlotte Hornets ko bamubaha bakabaguranira Vlade Divac wo muri Serbia. Amakipe yombi yaje kumvikana, Kobe Bryant yisanga muri Los Angeles Lakers asezeye amazemo imyaka 20.

Kobe Bryant yasezeye gukina Basketball ku wa gatatu taliki ya 13 Mata 2016 ku mukino ikipe ye ya Los Angeles Lakers yari yakiriyemo ikipe ya Utah Jazz ku kibuga Staples Center aho byarangiye Lakers ye itsinze amanota 101 kuri 96 ya Utah Jazz, Kobe atsindamo amanota 60 wenyine.

Ibyo yagezeho nk’umukinnyi

Kobe Bryant ashoje gukina Basketball aciye agahigo ko kumara imyaka myinshi mu ikipe imwe ya Los Angeles Lakers kuko yayigezemo 1996 none ayirangijemo muri 2016, imyaka 20.

Muri iyi myaka 20 yayifashije gutwara ibikombe 5 bya NBA (2000-2002 na 2009-2010). Yashoboye kuba umukinnyi witwaye neza ku mikino ya nyuma “MVP Finals” inshuro 2 (2009-2010). Yabaye umukinnyi w’umwaka muri 2008.

Yakinnye imikino y’abakinnyi beza batoranyijwe “All Stars Games” inshuro 18 muri yo yashoboye gutangira 15.

Yabaye umukinnyi wahize abandi (MVP) muri “All Stars” inshuro 4 (2002,2007,2009 na 2011). Yatoranyijwe mu ikipe ya mbere y’irushanwa inshuro 11. Yatoranyijwe mu ikipe ya 2 y’irushanwa inshuro 2 (2000 na 2001).

Yatoranyijwe mu ikipe ya 3 y’irushanwa inshuro 2 (1999 na 2005). Yatoranyijwe mu ikipe ya mbere y’aba myugariro beza inshuro 9 (2000,2003-2004,2006-2011).

Kobe Bryant yabaye umukinnyi watsinze amanota menshi mu mwaka w’imikino kurusha abandi inshuro 2 (2006 na 2007). Yatoranyijwe mu ikipe ya kabiri y’abakinnyi bashya (1996). Niwe mukinnyi umaze gutsindira Los Angeles Lakers amanota menshi (33,630). Muri rusange ari mu batanze imipira myinshi yabyaye amanota “Assists”.

Uyu mukinnyi yatwaye igikombe cya “Naismith Player of the Year” gihabwa umukinnyi mwiza mu mashuri yisumbuye (1996). Kobe yegukanye umudali wa zahabu inshuro 2 (2008 na 2012) mu mikino Olempike ari kumwe n’ikipe y’igihugu ya USA.

Ibyo Kobe Bryant yagezeho mu mibare
48 637: Iminota yakinnye muri NBA akaba ari uwa 6 mu bamaze gukina myinshi mu mateka ya NBA.

33 630: Amanota yatsinze ni uwa gatatu nyuma ya Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38 387) na Karl Malone (36 928).

5 640: Amanota yatsinze mu mikino ya kamarampaka (Playoffs) muri NBA ni uwa gatatu mu mateka ya NBA ari inyuma ya Michael Jordan (5 987) na Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (5 762).

81: Aya ni amanota yatsinze mu mukino umwe ubwo Lakers yatsindaga Toronto Raptors amanota 122-104 hari ku italiki ya 22 Mutarama 2006, byatumye aba uwa kabiri utsinze amanota menshi mu mukino umwe nyuma ya Wilt Chamberlain watsinze amanota 100 mu 1962

26: Imikino yatsinzemo amanota 50 , ni uwa gatatu mu mateka ya NBA nyuma ya Wilt Chamberlain na Michael Jordan.

37: Ni uwa kabiri washoboye gutsinda nibura amanota 25 mu mikino 3 yikurikiranya akuze (ku myaka 37) nyuma ya Michael Jordan wabikoze afite imyaka 40 muri 2003.

15: Agahigo ko gutangira mu mikino myinshi y’abakinnyi beza batoranyijwe (All stars) mu mateka ya NBA (15).

6: Inshuro yatsinze amanota 60 mu mateka ye.

17: Inshuro yabaye umukinnyi w’ukwezi mu mateka ye.
12: Yashoboye gutsinda amanota 3 inshuro 12 mu mukino umwe agahigo asangiye na Stephen Curry na Donyell Marshall.

Kobe Bryant yatangaje ko azasezera ku mukino wa Basketball mu Gushyingo 2015 mu muvugo yashyize hanze yise “Dear Basketball” aho mu nteruro imwe yagize ati “Umutima wanjye urimo uratera cyane. Umutwe wanjye urandya, gusa umubiri wanjye urabizi neza ko iki ari cyo gihe cyo kuvuga ngo urabeho”.

Kobe Bryant asoje Basketball yambaye nimero 2 arizo 8 na 24 akaba mu gusoza yaragize ati “Siniyumvisha uburyo imyaka 20 ishize, gusa byari inzozi zanjye gukina muri iyi kipe nakuze nkunda”.

Kuri uyu mukino wa nyuma yakoze akandi gahigo ko kuba ariwe mukinnyi ukuze ku myaka 37 washoboye gutsinda amanota 60 ndetse anashyiraho agahigo ko kuba ariwe mukinnyi watsinze amanota menshi mu mukino umwe muri uyu mwaka w’ imikino 2015-2016.



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Mourinho arasabirwa  guhagarikwa imikino 6
Mourinho arasabirwa guhagarikwa imikino 6

Umutoza w’ikipe ya Manchester United, Jose Mourinho nyuma yo guhabwa ikarita itukura akoherezwa mu bafana ku mukino iyi kipe yanganyije na West Ham United igitego 1-1 taliki 27 Ugushyingo 2016 (...)

Christiano Ronaldo yahawe igihembo cy’umukinnyi witwaye neza
Christiano Ronaldo yahawe igihembo cy’umukinnyi witwaye neza

Christiano Ronaldo yahawe igihembo cyitiriwe Alfredo di Stefano nk’ umukinnyi witwa neza mu mwaka w’imikino wa 2015 na 2016, nyuma y’amasezerano y’imyaka itanu yari amaze gusinya mu ikipe ye ya (...)

Uko Abanyarwanda bakina ruhago mu mahanga bitwaye mu mpera z’icyumweru
Uko Abanyarwanda bakina ruhago mu mahanga bitwaye mu mpera z’icyumweru

Impera z’icyumweru dusoje zahiriye bamwe mu bakinnyi b’abanyarwanda bakina hanze naho abandi ntibyabagendekera neza. Muri shampiyona ya Kenya, ku cyumweru Gor Mahia ibifashijwemo na Jacques (...)

Renato Sanches ni we mukinnyi witwaye neza ukiri muto ku mugabane w’u Burayi
Renato Sanches ni we mukinnyi witwaye neza ukiri muto ku mugabane w’u Burayi

Umukinnyi w’ikipe y’igihugu ya Portugal n’ikipe ya Bayern Munich mu Budage, Renato Sanches, w’imyaka 19 y’amavuko ni we wahawe igihembo cy’umukinnyi witwaye neza akiri muto “Golden Boy Award” muri uyu (...)

CAN 2017: Umutoza Micho wisanze mu itsinda rikomeye, aratabaza Leta ya Uganda
CAN 2017: Umutoza Micho wisanze mu itsinda rikomeye, aratabaza Leta ya Uganda

Micho Sredojević, umunya Serbia, utoza ikipe y’igihugu ya Uganda arasaba Leta ya Uganda kumufasha agatangira hakiri kare imyiteguro y’igikombe cy’Afurika CAN 2017 kizabera muri Gabon mu mwaka utaha. (...)



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