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Nyanza:Barashinja ‘Mudugudu’ kubarira amafaranga akimukira i Kigali   

  Yanditswe na UMUTONI BEATHA
 May 2016


Abaturage bo mu murenge wa Kigoma, mu karere ka Nyanza bibumbiye muri Koperative Tuzamurame, barasaba ubuyobozi bw’umurenge kubafasha gukurikirana uwari Perezida wa koperative yabo ndetse akaba yari n’umukuru w’umudugudu wa Rugarama wanyereje umutungo wa koperative yabo, akabasiga baririra mu myotsi.

Aba baturage bavuga ko uyu mukuru w’umudugudu wa Rugarama ngo yabagiriye inama y’uko bakora koperative igamije kujya ikusanga umusaruro w’ibyo bejeje maze bakabijyana ku isoko, bakumva ari igitekerezo cyiza bakabyemera.

Nyamara ngo nubwo bo babonaga ko iyi koperative itangiye kubabyarira inyungu, ngo byabaye iby’akanya gato kuko ngo uyu mukuru w’umudugudu yahise atwara amafaranga ya koperative, agahita yigira kuba i Kigali.

Umwe muri aba banyamuryango yagize ati:“Twibumbiye muri koperative, turishima ko dutangiye kubona inyungu, bamwe batangira gufata amahene, ariko uwari Perezida wa koperative byagera igihe cyo kwitura ihene akazijyana, akajya kuzibaga, ubundi amafaranga twashyiraga mu isanduku y’ikimina nayo arayarya, ay’imyaka twacuruje arayarya, ubundi arigendera twumva ngo yibera za Kigali iyo.”

JPEG - 118.9 kb
Inzu Koperative Tuzamurane yari imaze kubaka (Foto Umutoni B)

Abanyamuryango ba koperative Tuzamurane, bavuga ko iki kibazo bakigejeje ku buyobozi bw’umurenge, ariko ngo umwaka ushize ntacyo bagikoraho.

Bakaba bifuza ko ubuyobozi bwagira icyo bukora bukabafasha kugaruza umutungo wabo, kuko ngo igihombo bagize cyabagizeho ingaruka mu mibereho yabo.

Twagirimana Emmanuel, ubu uyobora umudugudu wa Rugarama (yasimbuye uwagiye i Kigali), nawe avuga ko iki kibazo koko cyabayeho, ndetse akaba nawe yarakigejeje ku muyobozi w’umurenge, ariko n’ubu akaba nta gisubizo yabonye.

Uyu muyobozi mushya w’uyu mudugudu kandi yemeza ko iki kibazo kimugiraho ingaruka zikomeye, kuko ngo ngo iyo hagize ikigorwa gikenera ubwitange bw’amafaranga gikorwa abaturage badashobora kuyatanga, kubera uwa mbere yabaririye amafaranga agasiga icyasha ubuyobozi.

Ku ruhande rw’ubuyobozi bw’umurenge wa Kigoma, bwo ntibwemeranya n’aba baturage ndetse n’umukuru w’umudugudu wa Rugarama.

Gasore Clement, umunyamabanga nshingwabikorwa w’uyu murenge, atangaza ko iki kibazo atari akizi, ari ubwa mbere acyumvise, ariko nawe yemeza ko bidakwiye ko umuntu yatwara amafaranga y’abaturage ngo areke kubiryozwa.Akaba yizeza aba baturage ko mu agiye gutangira gukurikirana iki kibazo cyabo.

Yagize ati:“Iki kibazo ni ubwa mbere kingezeho ntabwo nari nkizi, kuko njye maze igihe gito muri uyu murenge, ariko tugiye kugikurikirana kugira ngo uyu wariye amafaranga y’abaturage nibigaragara ko yabikoze koko azashakishwe yishyure.”

Iyi koperative yari yatangiye ifite abanyamuryango 93, bose bo mu mudugudu wa Rugarama aho bari bariyemeje kujya bakusanya umusaruro bakawugurisha.

Bavuga ko umutungo wabo wanyerejwe n’uwari Perezida wabo akaba n’umukuru w’umudugudu ngo ugera kuri miliyoni imwe y’amafaranga y’u Rwanda.



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