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Gisagara: Imibiri 27 000 y’abazize Jenoside imaze imyaka 21 ibitse muri shitingi   

  Yanditswe na MUGISHA BENIGNE
 26 April


Abarokokeye ku musozi wa Kabuye mu Murenge wa Ndora mu Karere ka Gisagara muri Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu 1994, bavuga ko imibiri y’abasaga 27 000 bahicikiwe imaze imyaka 21 ibitse muri shitingi, bagasaba inzego zibishinzwe kububakira urwibutso rujyanye n’igihe rwo kuyishyinguramo kuko bashengurwa no kubona ababo bacyandagaye.

Ruzindana Emmanuel, uhagaraririye Abarokotse Jenoside bo mu Murenge wa Ndora, yabwiye Imvaho Nshya ko ababo baguye ku musozi wa Kabuye bahahungiye kuko bari bijejwe umutekano n’ingabo zarindaga Sindikubwabo Théodore wari Perezida wa Guverinoma y’Abatabazi.

Avuga ko nyuma ya Jenoside bafashe iyo mibiri bakayikusanyiriza muri shitingi, hanyuma bakayicukirira aho iba ishyizwe mu gihe bagitegereje ko haboneka urwibutso izashyingurwamo.

Ruzindana yagize ati “Imibiri y’abacu iheze muri shitingi yarengejweho itaka, tukaba twarayishyizemo mu mwaka wa 1995, mu gihe igihugu kitari cyakabonye ubushobozi buhagije bwo kubaka inzibutso, ariko na n’ubu iyo mibiri ntirashyingurwa ku mpamvu zo kutagira urwibutso.”

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Aha hari umusaraba hanateye indabo niho hashyizwe imibiri y’abishwe iri muri shitingi

Mu gahinda kenshi, Ruzindana yasobanuye ko mu myaka yose ishize Abanyarwanda bibuka Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, abarokotse Jenoside bo mu Murenge wa Ndora batahwemye gusaba akarere kubaka urwibutso kugira ngo iyo mibiri isaga 27000 ibashe gushyingurwa, ariko ngo bakunze kubwirwa ko nta ngengo y’imari yo kurwubaka ihari.

Ati “Buri mwaka uko tugiye kwibuka, iki kibazo tukibaza akarere, ariko ubuyobozi bwako bwakunze kudusubiza ko nta ngengo y’imari ihari, ndetse ntihagire n’ igikorwa kigaragara ngo nibura batugaragarize ko bagerageje bikanga bikabananira, ahubwo twahoraga tubwirwa ko bitashyizwe mu ngengo y’imari y’Akarere, tukibaza ikibura bikadushobera.”

Ruzindana n’abandi barokotse Jenoside muri uwo Murenge bavuga ko bageze ubwo bajya kubaza iki kibazo muri Komisiyo y’igihugu yo kurwanya Jenoside (CNLG), aho babwiwe ko izo ari inshingano z’Akarere kuko urwo ari urwibutso rw’akarere, dore ko CNLG yo ishinzwe kubaka no kwita ku nzibutso ziri ku rwego rw’igihugu.

Mu nama yabaye taliki ya 17 Mata 2016, yahuje ubuyobozi bw’Akarere ka Gisagara, abarokotse bo muri ako Karere, abayobozi bavuka muri aka karere, abadepite n’abasenateri bahakomoka, bafashe umwanya utari muto wo gushaka igisubizo cy’ikibazo cyo kubaka urwibutso rwo ku rwego rw’Akarere.

Aba bose bagaragaje ko ari ikibazo bagomba gushyira mu byihutirwa, bagashakashaka ingengo y’imari yo kubaka uru rwibutso.

Umuyobozi w’Akarere ka Gisagara, Rutaburingonga Jerome, muri iyo nama yagaragaje inyigo yo kubaka urwibutso ruzaba rufite agaciro ka Miliyoni 150 z’Amafaranga y’u Rwanda, kandi ko bizagerwaho ku bufatanye bw’akarere n’abandi bafatanyabikorwa bako.

Yagize ati “Ni byo koko urwibutso rwo gushyinguramo imibiri y’abazize Jenoside ruri mu byihutirwa mu Karere kacu, inyigo yakozwe yagaragaje ko ingengo y’imari ikenewe ngo rwubakwe ingana na Miliyoni 150 z’Amafaranga y’u Rwanda.

Perezida wa Ibuka ntiyemeranya n’abarokokeye ku musozi wa Kabuye

Umuyobozi wa Ibuka ku rwego rw’Akarere ka Gisagara, Uwiringiyimana Emmanuel, we yagaragaje ko ikibazo cyo kubaka urwibutso ku musozi wa Kabuye kitamaze iminsi myinshi nk’uko abaharokokeye babivuga, ko ahubwo kimaze imyaka itatu gusa.

Ati “Urugendo rwo kubaka urwibutso rumaze imyaka 3 gusa, ibyo rero umbwira by’imyaka 21 jye sinzi aho ubikura.”

Abajijwe niba abiciwe ku musozi wa Kabuye bashyinguwe mu buryo bubasubiza icyubahiro bambuwe, yavuze ko hari urwibutso bashyinguyemo, ngo n’ubwo rutubatse neza cyane, ngo ariko ni urwibutso rugomba guhabwa agaciro karwo.

Yakomeje avuga ko urwibutso ku rwego rw’Akarere ruzubakwa ku musozi wa Kabuye umwaka utaha w’ingengo y’imari y’umwaka wa 2016-2017.

Ati “Urwibutso rw’Akarere ruzubakwa ku musozi wa Kabuye bitewe n’amateka y’ubwicanyi bwahabereye, kandi abaturage b’imirenge yose igize Akarere ka Gisagara bakagaragaza uruhare rwabo muri icyo gikorwa.”

Akomeza avuga ko ingengo y’imari igaragazwa n’inyigo yakozwe ingana na miliyoni 150 zishobora kwiyongera bitewe n’ibikorwa byo gutanga ingurane ku baturage bahafite amasambu.

Uwiringiyimana avuga ko mu karere ka Gisagara habarirwa inzibutso icyenda ziri ku rwego rw’imirenge, ariko uruzubakwa ku musozi wa Kabuye rwo rukazaba ari urw’Akarere, ari na rwo ruzashyingurwamo abari mu rwibutso rwa Ndora rutameze neza n’abandi bose bazashaka gukura ababo mu masambu aho bashyinguwe, nk’uko bitangazwa.



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Karongi:Abatuye i Mutuntu bategereje bisi bijejwe amaso ahera mu kirere
Karongi:Abatuye i Mutuntu bategereje bisi bijejwe amaso ahera mu kirere

Bamwe mu baturage bo mu murenge wa Mutuntu mu karere ka Karongi, barasaba ubuyobozi bwabo kubafasha kubona imodoka ziborohereza mu ngendo, by’umwihariko bisi bemerewe na n’ubu bagitegereje. Aba (...)

Bafungiye kunyereza miliyoni 58 za koperative y’abajyanama b’ubuzima
Bafungiye kunyereza miliyoni 58 za koperative y’abajyanama b’ubuzima

Abantu batandatu bafungiye kunyereza amafaranga arenga miliyoni 58 ya koperative y’abajyanama b’ubuzima bo mu murenge wa Bweyeye mu karere ka Rusizi. Abafunze barimo umuyobozi n’umucungamutungo (...)

Rusizi: Yatemberejwe umujyi wose ahetse ihene yibye
Rusizi: Yatemberejwe umujyi wose ahetse ihene yibye

Bamwe mu baturage b’umurenge wa Bugarama, mu karere ka Rusizi, baravuga ko bakomeje kubabazwa no kubyuka bagasanga amatungo yabo cyane cyane ihene n’ingurube zibwe, ndetse zimwe zigateshwa abajura (...)

Ngoma:Ntibiyumvisha uburyo bahendwa n’amashanyarazi ‘utanacomekaho radiyo ngo ivuge’
Ngoma:Ntibiyumvisha uburyo bahendwa n’amashanyarazi ‘utanacomekaho radiyo ngo ivuge’

Abaturage bo mu kagari ka Karenge, umurenge Jarama bavuga ko umuriro w’amashanyarazi bahawe ntacyo ubamariye uretse kubahombya, kuko ngo bawutangaho ikiguzi cy’amafaranga menshi kandi nta musaruro (...)

Rubavu: Abaturage bashinja abunzi bita ’abanyenzara’ kwaka ruswa
Rubavu: Abaturage bashinja abunzi bita ’abanyenzara’ kwaka ruswa

Bamwe mu baturage bo mu mirenge itandukanye mu karere ka Rubavu, baratunga urutoki abunzi kurangwa na ruswa mu mikirize y’imanza, bakifuza iki kibazo cyashakirwa umuti. Aba baturage banuganuga (...)



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